What we can offer

Dry Cleaning

As Hertfordshire finest dry cleaner and launderette, we pride ourselves in our unique service. By using skilled personnel we combine the finest traditions of hand valeting with the most up to date technical developments in fabric care.

Duvet specialist

Same day service and stain FREE GUARANTEE! Special detergent and softener are used for a brilliant white and soft fresh finish.

Laundry service

Drop off your laundry and pick it up in 3 hrs, washed, dried and folded and if you need it delivered its free when you spend just £10.00 on any service.

Repairs and Alterations

Prolong the life of your clothes and take advantage of our excellent repair service. Our tailors offer a wide range of repairs and alterations. Please ask in store or call 01992 446516.

Curtains and household

We clean and restore curtains, upholstery and cushion covers according to the individual requirements of the fabrics.

Commercial laundry

We cater for hotels, gyms, restaurants, b&bs, hairdressers, retirement homes etc. Please email or call us for a quote.


Dry Cleaning

Trousers from £5.00
Linen Trousers from £7.50
Day Dress from £8.00
Silk Dress from £11.00
Pleated Dress from £15.00
Linen Dress from £12.00
Evening Dress from £15.00
Ball Gown from £15.00
Blouse from £5.00
Silk Blouse from £6.00
Skirt from £5.00
1/2 Pleated Skirt from £6.50
Full Pleated Skirt from £7.50
2 Piece Suit from £10.00
3 Piece Suit from £15.00
Dinner Suit from £13.00
Linen Suit from £15.00
Knitwear from £5.00
Scarf from £3.50
1/2 Coat from £10.00
Full Coat from £15.00
Rain Coat from £12.00
Fur Coat from £15.00
Jacket from £5.00
Padded Jacket from £15.00
Wedding Dress from £40.00
Shirt from £4.00
Waistcoat from £5.00
Tie from £3.00
Table Cloth from £3.50
Curtains per pound from £3.50
Sofa cushion covers (small) from £3.50
Silk cushion covers from £5.00
Throw Double from £20.00
Throw King from £25.00
Hats from £3.00
Playsuit from £8.00
Kids Suit from £10.00
Kids Trousers from £5.00
Kids Waistcoat from £4.00
Leather & Suede Price on application


Free collection and delivery for service over £10.00

Ironing Services

Jackets from £2.50
Shirts – Ironing only from £1.70 normal or from £2.50 Stratched
Shirts – Wash/dry/ironed

from £2.00 basic

from £2.50 with scrub

from £2.00 starched

Trousers from £2.00
Jumpers from £1.00
Skirts from £2.00
Dresses From £2.50
Children’s Clothes from £0.50
Polo’s from £1.00
T-shirts from £0.60
Tops from £0.80
Suit from £6.00
In Bundle from £1.00 each
Bed Sheets

Flat sheet from £2.00

Fitted sheet from £2.50

Duvet Covers all sizes from £3.50
Duvet Covers Silky from £4.00
Pillow Cases from £0.50
Tea Towels from £0.30
Full Set – Bed sheet and covers

wash/dry/press from £15.00

Starched from £20.00

Table Cloths from £2.00
Chef Top from £2.00
Aprons from £0.75


Rugs from £20.00
Curtains Wash/dry/press from £10.00
Commercial Curtains Fireproofed Price on application
Throws Was/dry from £10.00
Throws Padded from £12.00
Mattress Covers from £10.00
Dust Sheets from £15.00
Football Kits from £12.00
Football Kits with Warm up t-shirts from £15.00
Rugby T-shirts from £0.68
Mechanic Overalls from £3.00
Fireproof Boiler suits from £4.00
Mattress Toppers – Mixed Feather from £30.00
Ceremonial Chair Covers from £1.00
Tablecloth Price on application
Business to Business Duvet and Rug Cleaning Price on application

Duvet & Laundry Service

Duvet (polyester/cotton)
Single from £11.00
Double from £15.00
Kingsize from £17.00
Super Kingsize from £18.00
Duvet (Feather)
Single from £13.00
Double from £17.00
Kingsize from £20.00
Super Kingsize from £22.00
Pillow (min 2) from £4.00 each
Pillow (feather) (min 2) from £10.00 each
Sleeping bag (single) from £12.00
Sleeping bag (double) from £13.00
Service wash

Wash, dry, soap, conditioner, folded, bagged. Free collection and deliver for services over £10.00.

Service wash from £9.00
Tailoring and Alterations
Hem shortening/lengthening from £12.00
Waist adjustment (take in or out) from £14.00
Sleeve shortening (jacket, coat etc) from £15.00 with button holes £17.00
Shortening (jacket, coat etc) from £20.00 – £24.00
Tapering (trousers) from £14.00
Zip change (small) from £12.00
Zip change (large) from £20.00
Full Pocket from £15.00
Curtains (shortening)

from £8.00 x 1m

with lining £10.00

Dress Shortening from £25.00
Suit Jacket Take in from £24.00
Button sewn on from £3.00
Minor Repairs/Patches from £7.00
Business to Business Tailoring Price on application

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